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Milk and Sleep, Two Requisites for a Newborn Photographer

This adorable mini-session was gifted to these new parents by the newborn’s grandmother, which I thought was absolutely the best gift ever!  Twelve day old Jackson is from Clarkson which is a town just outside of Atlanta.  His dad is a Doraville policeman, which is also located just outside Atlanta, so I’m thinking little Jackson will be following a straight and narrow path growing up!  Well, maybe…as boys seem to always have a little wild streak in them.  But for now, baby Jackson was so easy to handle throughout all our prop changes, showing no annoyance and no crying.  Even the hint of tears were quickly abated with his pacifier, which isn’t a sure fix with every newborn.  Sometimes I just keep a bottle nearby to soothe them back to sleep, without having to disturb so much by letting mom take them for a while. I find it’s usually just a little snack from a bottle that works, no matter who is giving it.  Similarly to the song, ‘Girls just wanna have Fun,’  ‘Babies just wanna have Milk ‘! 

I always try to remind mothers to bring extra bottles of milk since that’s the one missing item that can bring a newborn session here in the studio to a screeching halt.  I’ve even had a few mothers be forced to send daddy on an emergency mission back home to retrieve some extra milk.  Pretty much anything goes during our newborn session, that’s why I’ve made up a list of preparations that I send to all my prospective clients before they arrive.  That list can be found here.  So as you can see, newborn photography is a very different kind of photography from just your typical family or maternity photography.  I’ve come to think of it as a little bit of an art form.  I’m delivered a blank canvas by the family and my job as a photographer is to bring out all those natural, wonderful features that will eventually make that little baby the child and teenager they’ll soon become.

Sleep is the other big factor in a baby’s first couple of weeks.  And it becomes even more important when our little one gets in front of the photographer’s camera.   Why?  Because when a newborn isn’t sleeping, there’s a good chance they’re crying!  Not always, but it’s just one of things a newborn photographer must be ready for.  When that happens I sometimes turn off the light and just give the baby some time to regroup and relax again.  Specializing in newborn photography means you have things like a sound machine and a heater close by ready to rock the baby back to sleep.  Most newborns sleep about sixteen hours a day, except unlike adults it comes in spurts of a couple of hours at a time.  So that means in a session of a few hours we’re bound to get a little restlessness from our baby.

Once the parents received the six images from their ‘mini session,’ they were so excited that they decided to purchase additional images, including an extra image of just proud dad holding his newborn baby boy.  So sweet.  I’m fairly certain that picture will be sitting on his desk at the Doraville Police Station, for all his fellow officers to see. 

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Beverly Hall is a newborn and baby photographer located in Atlanta, Ga. If you value beautiful, unique imagery, and are interested in capturing these special moments in your little newborn's life, please contact me!

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