Newborn Photography

Your newborn’s first days of life are among the most special- why not document them to treasure for years to come? Let me take the first professional photos of your tiny miracle. Or miracles- I also specialize in photographing little pairs!


Photographing newborns is a pleasure, and my favorite part of my job as an Atlanta baby photographer. Babies at this age are easy to pose in a way that brings out their natural gestures and sleeping positions, some of which (like sleeping with toes up to their ears) will be impossible to capture at any other age. With newborns, the timing makes all the difference, so scheduling your shoot as close to the due date as possible helps ensure that your baby is photographed within five to ten days of birth. Though posing and soothing newborns is my favorite part of the job, moms and dads remain close and step in to pose, comfort or ease their newborn as needed.

Mom, Dad, and Baby

You can also be photographed with your newborn. Portraits of partners and their babies can be some of the most intimate photographs I take. I love capturing the love that you and your partner share and have for your newborn, and a familiar touch can often have a relaxing effect on a newborn, making family portraits ideal for capturing your unique family dynamic. Mothers and fathers can also pose separately with their baby, and maternity shoots are available as well. To make the most out of your portrait experience, packages with both maternity and newborn sessions are available.

A Unique Experience

I use a variety of drapes, hats and soft blankets and backdrops to bring texture and life to newborn photos. Colors that match the gender, coloring and personality of your baby will be chosen to reflect their individual heritage and the hopes and dreams you have for their future. Each baby is unique, and I pay close attention to detail during shoots, making each and every session different and special so that no two clients will have the same experience.

Chime In

Any ideas of yours are welcome. Have a favorite color or sports team? Want your baby photographed with a symbol of your love, such as you and your partner’s wedding bands? Contact me with ideas when you schedule your appointment so that I can begin working those elements into your shoot. Together we can achieve an aesthetic that fits in with your life and your newborn.

Beverly Hall

Atlanta, Georgia