Preparation for Newborn Photo Session

Preparation for Newborn Photo Session

The following gives you somewhat of an idea of things to remember on the day of our photo session…if you need to call for any reason beforehand, you likely will not have me answer, since my days are spent in sessions…pls. just leave a msg. and I will try to return your call by that evening or the next day.  Email is best for, natural newborn photography

Fun Day in the Studio

This is just overall info that will hopefully familiarize you with what to expect the day of your newborn photo session. The session itself always takes a few hours, usually 2.5 +… depending on different circumstances with each baby and taking breaks for feeding/diapering, hiccups, etc., as well as cuddle time when baby gets tearful. It is unpredictable as you can imagine.  The one favor I ask of all clients is that they do not have anything planned later that afternoon or evening that requires you must leave by a certain time.  Hopefully, hubby will have dinner ready for you when you get home…!  I like to feel we have as much time as needed…this is a once in a lifetime photo session and I am never in a rush to be done.   The baby is really who determines everything, and I always take the time necessary to get many beautiful images. Remember that I provide all the props, outfits, wraps, bonnets, headbands, etc. No need to bring anything for the shots.  All this is discussed in The Newborn Photography Experience as props

What to Bring and Who Not to Bring

Chaise lounge for you is in the room I use for photo sessions, …Bring laptop/ipad, cell phone to call/chat w/friends, magazine, book….etc….something  to keep you occupied while.  I am busy staying focused on your newborn and getting the poses I want.  ( some new moms actually fall asleep from missing sleep at night 💤  ) You may bring a sister, or the grandmother to visit with during the several hrs. here, if you like.

Dads staying for the length of the session is usually not the best choice…they get anxious after awhile and want the session to end, whereas mothers are willing to stay for as long as it takes, realizing there won’t be a chance again to capture this precious newborn age.  Moms tend to realize, more so, that it takes a great deal of patience to settle a crying baby and wait for him to fall asleep again, before resuming with shooting.  Awake babies are moving about ( arms and legs ) too much for focused images.  I have all the patience that is necessary from many years of newborn photography, but I don’t want parents to become anxious just because baby is fussy .  We can always calm him/her down in a little while.

Preparing your Newborn

Do not have anything ‘tight’ on baby on the drive here ( diapers, waistbands, etc ) just fasten  everything loosely, so there won’t be any marks on skin for nakie photos.   Don’t forget to bring pacifiers  I need them on hand,) and more bottles than you think you will need.   I have actually had moms run out of bottles of milk… I would always rather be over-prepared than under-prepared. For some reason, during these photo sessions, all babies will  feed more often than usual. Probably due to being moved around and awakened more often than they are accustomed to at home. Each time they wake up from prop changes, pose changes, etc.,  it usually takes a bottle to settle them again before I can resume shooting.  If you are nursing, be sure to have many extra bottles pumped and on hand here.  Also, bring your breast pump, just in case.

Bring  sandwiches, snacks & drinks, because the session will take us into the afternoon.  I am in Sandy Springs, 5 mins. from Chik Filet, McDonalds, Subway, Jersey Mike’s, 48th Street Market Deli, *La Crema Coffee, Sandwich, Pastry Cafe* ( wonderful place), and Dominos.  Also, do not wear anything long sleeved or hot material since I will have a heater running in the room near baby, in addition to the normal heat on in the house, and you might be uncomfortable.

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Morning of the Photo Session

On the day of your session, please give me a call ( 770-393-4264 ) when you are leaving your house so I can estimate the time you are arriving….. pls. call if you are running more than 15 mins. behind just to let me know…do not worry about a schedule for me….I go with the flow…this is yours and baby’s day. We just want a full tummy and hopefully, sleeping baby throughout.  You may park your car in the small turnaround, to your right, directly across from my front door.

I have my clients arrive around 11.  I sometimes do not get started immediately with the shooting, since mothers sometimes need to feed newborn first, so she/he will, hopefully, fall asleep right away. Photographers cannot photograph a newborn while they are awake, as they are constantly moving their arms and legs and will not stay in a pose, so our goal is to try and get baby to sleep as much as possible, either by giving a bottle/nursing or pacifier.  Much of my time is spent settling newborns, in between taking shots.  I am excited and looking forward to meeting you both….. every baby is brand new to me…love all.  

Beverly Hall

Atlanta, Georgia