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The Perfect Sized Newborn

Molly was a wonderful and beautiful subject for my newborn session today coming in at six pounds and twelve ounces!  Mom was a couple days late so the doctor decided to induce in order to get our little baby moving.  Six pounds is the perfect weight for newborn photography.  All of the little babies are able to fit perfectly into my miscellaneous bowls, baskets, and other newborn props.

When newborns come in at the higher end of the weight spectrum, which tends to be around eight or nine pounds, then we sometimes can have trouble with the babies looking a little too ‘full’ in the newborn props.  As if someone ‘squished them in’.  That’s why mothers have to always to remember to book early… I get so many mommies who suddenly discover newborn photography while they’re in the hospital and then go on a mad dash to find a photographer.

Late bookings equals squished babies in the pictures!  Just kidding, not always, but it’s best to do the newborn shoots within the first two weeks.  Five to seven days old is my sweet spot.  The babies are so malleable and you’re able to bend their tiny legs and arms into the positions they need to be in.  The only good thing about the babies being a little ‘past their prime’ is their eyes tend to stay open during the photo session so we’re able to get some nice shots of the baby with his or her eyes open.

Within a couple weeks of the photo session ending Molly was moving to Germany with her parents so by now she’s all situated in the Eurozone experiencing a different culture and well on her way to being a world traveler!  It could be that someday all she has to remember Atlanta, Georgia by are these beautiful photos taken when she was only a week old in my little studio in Sandy Springs!

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