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Remy turned out to be one of favorite newborn sessions because I decided to use the photograph of her where she’s wearing a little pink teddy bear bonnet on my masthead!  In the past I’ve sometimes resisted using newborn props that might possibly fall under the ‘costume’ category, as I like for the likeness of the little babies to remain natural and pure. 

However, one of the first things I analyze when a newborn arrives for their session is the shade of their skin color.  Remy had a creamy smooth complexion that I knew would go perfect with light colors and the teddy bear bonnet so I couldn’t resist.  To make things even better she was a wonderful subject… no crying, eyes closed the whole session… all of which are a must when venturing into the realm of more ‘sophisticated’ props.  If your subject is having a bad morning your favorite newborn wraps and bonnets can quickly wind up tangled and covered in baby regurgitations… so that’s why it’s so important to make sure the baby is comfortable and feeling he or she’s briefly back in the womb for a couple of hours.  Not an easy job!

Of course, without some element of the surreal, newborn photography wouldn’t be what it is, so I also try to avoid pictures with babies in nothing but their birthday suit.  In most cases, that’s not what the parents have in mind for the front of their birth announcement.  So it’s a balancing act of using props and clothing that are subtle, yet photogenic.  With Remy, I think we got this one right!

And just in case you’re wondering, this wonderful, little cute bonnet came from Knitlandia on Etsy.  She’s based in the United Kingdom and I love her newborn props!

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