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Every Season is the Perfect Season for Newborn Photography

This week I present Little Asiya! As usual I’m backed up with my baby postings and this little wonderful newborn was from a shoot I did right before Christmas. It’s so funny going back through all the correspondence I had with the mothers during the winter and seeing all our concerns over the freezing weather! Every sentence begins with – stay warm!

Our shoot went off wonderful and we were able to get some great pictures during this newborn session. I was looking over the pictures and trying to see if I could detect that it was winter and I realized – where is my mouse hat?! Funny how the seasons inspire you to gravitate towards certain newborn props in the winter and others in the summer. I wouldn’t dream of breaking out the mouse hat in the hot summer because it just feels… too cozy! I also lean towards the color white more in the summer and stay with the pastels in the winter and fall. In its early days, newborn photography mainly focused on having the babies naked in only their birthday suit!

Babies were often situated in some type of surreal environment, like nestled into a basket along a misty riverbank. Perhaps left there by an out-of-wedlock princess from a nearby castle? I can remember some early photographs where newborns had been cast afloat on a bed of sticks, floating out of control down a brook in a meadow. How far we’ve come! For most newborn photographers we’ve retreated into the studio and left the outdoor photos to the more daring children’s photographers.

I keep my studio at a comfortable 80 degrees! So not to worry, the only discomfort we may encounter is a few bouts of crying or the occasional pangs of hunger as we all wait in earnest for that perfect newborn shot that’s going to make all your friends scream with joy!

So good luck to baby Asiya and maybe someday when she’s older she’ll have a faint remembrance of her winter day spent in the studio here at Beverly Hall Photography!

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