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The Magic of Light in Newborn Photography

I was fortunate to have Tara be one of my ‘Christmas newborn shoots’ this year which basically means I’m going to have at least one photograph with my Christmas box!  Tara’s newborn session went great and she was a blessing to work with… meaning, no crying!  A few pouts here and there, but nothing that slowed the shoot down.  Her parents were wonderful and fun to talk to as well.  They met at Georgia Tech while they were getting their PHD’s and are both engineers now in the Atlanta area.

For this shoot I was able to work in one of my favorite newborn props, my ‘Wisteria Basket’.  Yet another prop I purchased from Scott’s antique market here in Atlanta.  I’ve bought probably half of my newborn props at this market where I love to spend my Saturdays wheeling and dealing over great finds.  I also departed a little from my normal aesthetic which primarily consists of props such as baskets and boxes… and went with a sleeker look using the bean bag.  I left out the textured blankets and went with the stretched knit instead to give a more ethereal effect to the background and also help the baby stand out better.

I also poured on the light!  Light is so important in newborn photography.  It can make or break a shot.  We have to always remember what we’re trying to duplicate with our little newborn session… an angelic moment in time where the magic of a new life being created is still fresh – but it’s fading fast, so we’ve got to move quickly.  So light is important!  But not too much light, because then all that magic will turn into just another overexposed picture out in the world that no one likes.  It’s a balancing act… but in this newborn shoot I think we got it right!winter baby session


Beverly Hall is a newborn and baby photographer located in Atlanta, Ga. If you value beautiful, unique imagery, and are interested in capturing these special moments in your little newborn's life, please contact me!

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