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Scarlett was born nine and a half pounds… which may sound like a bit on the heavy side for a newborn, but in actuality the average birth weight for all babies in the United States is about 7 pounds.  The average range falls between five pounds and eleven pounds.  Personally, I’ve never had a newborn in any of my shoots over ten pounds.  But I have to admit, at around the eleven pound mark some of my newborn props would start to look a little small!

Of course, that wasn’t the case here.  Scarlett was a dream to work with and we had a wonderful newborn session.  The photographs turned out beautiful and that little bit of extra newborn weight translated wonderfully into some cute wrinkles and folds in all the right places!

There is also a good chance this little baby won’t be shedding those extra pounds until she’s at least a month old.  Why?  Because newborns, in their first month of life consume roughly two and a half times their weight in ounces during a twenty-four hour period.  In other words, if your newborn weighs nine and a half pounds, as in the case with our Scarlett, she should be consuming around twenty-four ounces of breast milk through the day and night.  And with breast milk averaging twenty calories per ounce, that means she’ll be taking in between 400 and 500 calories a day.  Pretty impressive!  So guess what mom?  That means you can eat an extra piece of cake before coming over for your newborn session to accommodate your babies caloric needs!

How does all this relate to the quality of the actual newborn pictures you ask?  In very subtle ways.  And mostly in ways you can’t do anything about by the time the day for your session arrives.  I will say this though, mothers who have stayed on top of the science behind their calorie intake during pregnancy and breastfeeding afterwards, are generally more eager to hop in front of the camera with their little newborn come photo session day.  Not to mention it helps with the ever present stress of being a brand new mom in those first days and weeks after giving birth.newborn baby photosinfant photography


Beverly Hall is a newborn and baby photographer located in Atlanta, Ga. If you value beautiful, unique imagery, and are interested in capturing these special moments in your little newborn's life, please contact me!

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For more details on the process see The Newborn Photography Experience .

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