How to Get the Best Newborn Photo Session

newborn baby photos beverly hallCertainly the greatest single experience in our lives is the birth of a child, especially for the mother, who nurtured her unborn for nine months prior to birth. That experience was a labor of Love that typically creates an unbroken bond between mother and child.

The old saying that your child is ‘only young once’ is very true, and capturing those infant days on film is extremely important and vital to the fond memories they will create. Especially in the infant stages of a child’s life, capturing those initial stages of curiosity and awareness should be delegated to a professional, such as your local Atlanta Newborn Baby Photographer.

This Newborn Photography is certainly a specialty that requires multiple disciplines. Aside from the photographic expertise, an almost more important element is the personality of the photographer, who has to be patient, caring, devoted to her work, loving and empathetic. Newborn Photography requires ultimate patience, as the infant hasn’t had the time to develop enough to be aware of a ‘photographic shoot’, so cooperation is not part of the equation. The Atlanta Newborn Baby Photographer is passionate about newborns and is constantly amazed that something so small and precious is actually a functioning person who requires a certain connection to bring out the best.

Photographing a newborn requires the skill set to help coax the infant to display more personality while making the entire process enjoyable and pleasing for the child. Children are known for their honesty, but infants take this premise to a new level, as they aren’t always aware of their own actions based on the lack of bodily development. Newborn Photography sometimes requires gentle positioning of the infant to capture that special pose the mother is looking for.  Beverly Hall’s decades of experience have given her the tools needed to know how to most efficiently accomplish this delicate task.

Beverly Hall has been photographing infants between five and ten days old for over twenty years and she still has the same enthusiasm as she did with her first shoot. She realizes that she has to be patient enough to capture those ‘once in a lifetime’ shots and that she cannot afford to rush a photographic session. This down time of waiting provides an opportunity to cuddle and display affection to the infant, as the infant can detect the sincerity and true love she has for them and her job. Newborn Photography requires trust between the photographer and the infant and the entire process is limited by time, so the bond has to be genuine and almost immediate for the photographs to express the desired message and effect.

Beverly Hall has a respected name in newborn and children’s photography. Her client base of grateful mothers has contributed to her success through recommendations and word of mouth, as an indebted mother’s testimony is more meaningful than hiring the most successful advertising company. It simply doesn’t make economic or rational sense to hire someone less qualified and proven, as you won’t get another chance. Beverly Hall Photography covers about a dozen Atlanta towns that are concentrated in the northern part of Atlanta and includes the entire areas of Cobb, DeKalb, Forsyth and Fulton counties. You and your newly born infant deserve to have these initial days of sharing a new life, preserved for unforgettable memories you can proudly share for the rest of your life.


Beverly Hall is a newborn and baby photographer located in Atlanta, Ga. If you value beautiful, unique imagery, and are interested in capturing these special moments in your little newborn's life, please contact me!

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